UNASP Students and Employees Participate in a Special Project in Jordan; and other world news

20 Aug 2022

First in the news, young volunteers from Adventist University Center of Sao Paulo (UNASP), Brazil, support a center of influence in Madaba, Jordan. Working with over 50 local children and teens, they provided guitar and English lessons, school tutoring, and Pathfinders and Adventurers meetings.

Over 2,500 young people from across Europe attended the 2022 Young Adventist Congress in Lahti, Finland. Themed “Plug In,” key speaker David Asscherick encouraged young people to remain connected with Jesus, inspiring attendees to renew their commitment to Jesus. The close of the event celebrated 12 baptisms!

In a world filled with pain and destruction, Pastor Ramon Canales reminded more than 600 people from all over North, Central, and South America and the Caribbean to be “the light of the world” at the Festival of the Laity. Appropriately themed “His Light Prevails,” participants were reminded of the World Church’s “Total Member Involvement” initiative and were motivated to be active members in the Great Commission.

Advent Health Orlando conducts simulation training for their employees and other community workers to be proactive emergency responders, ready to meet the needs of their community when the time comes.

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