New Adventist Hymnal in Portuguese is Set to Launch on July 8; and other world news

09 Jul 2022

This week in ANN

First in the news, July 8 is the launching of the Portuguese Adventist Hymnal. It was rearranged and redesigned to give greater prominence to the doctrinal identity of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. With the more simple and easy to understand language, it will reach a larger group of members, especially children and young people.

In Baja California, Mexico, the Adventist church celebrates hundreds of baptisms after a comprehensive evangelism effort in North Mexico. Thousands gathered to celebrate the end of the evangelism effort, which began earlier this year and resulted in 700 new believers joining the church.

AdventHealth organization based in Orlando, Florida, continues to give support and medicines for the Ukrainian people.

The Federation of Adventist Entrepreneurs of Brazil supports the five brothers who use their time and talent to transform the lives of children through music. This life-changing project continues to reach many lives as these internationally renowned musicians use their time and talents to make a difference. The ultimate goal is to create an orchestra that will play songs for the glory of God.

Riverside Farm Institute and International Caring Hands provide free dental care to thousands of African people everywhere. They share Jesus' love with others through this ministry every year.