Student Filmmakers Attend the 20th Annual Sonscreen Film Festival; and other world news

30 Apr 2022

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Student filmmakers gathered at Loma Linda University Church for the 20th annual Sonscreen Film Festival, which included the world premiere of Hope Media Europe’s series. More than 150 attended the festival this year, with more than 300 attending the Friday evening premiere of Encounters, a five-episode TV series about college chaplains and the students who come to see them.

The first in-person Trans-European Division Adventurer and Pathfinder Bible Experience took place last weekend in Belfast, Ireland. Nearly 700 excited Adventurers and Pathfinders gathered to test their Bible knowledge and enjoy the camaraderie. Six teams of Adventurers and 34 teams of Pathfinders from across the division, including a guest team from Belgium, met to test their knowledge on the book of Ruth and 1 Kings 1-6. The quiz rounds included between 70 and 80 questions each and lasted up to two hours.

April is “Donate Life Month”. With that in mind , we’re going to watch a story of a recent Honor Walk that was organized for an organ donor. The Honor Walk is something that is done by the team members of a hospital to honor a patient as they go in for an organ donor surgery.

Hope Channel’s Director of Photography Dima Belyi was working at Hope Channel Ukraine when the war started. He has never before felt such fear in his life. So much so, that he began having panic attacks. Listen to the story of Dima and his family now on another chapter of the mini-series focused on people leaving Ukraine. The series is a part of the global Hope Channel and the ADRA Campaign called, “Hope for Ukraine”.

When we think of Jesus and His power to alleviate human suffering, we are likely to think of the times when Christ multiplied a few small loaves and fish and fed thousands of people. In our day, human suffering continues, and Jesus continues His mission through us. Adventist Mission has more:

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