ADRA and Hope Channel Launch a New Project Called “Hope for Ukraine”; and other world news

19 Mar 2022

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“Hope for Ukraine,” launched by Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA) and Hope Channel, works to promote hope for the people of Ukraine. One of their recent projects includes a video of children asking, with tears, sadness and pain, when the war will finally come to an end.

More than 20 tons of supplies were donated as an initiative of the “Hope for Ukraine” project, implemented by ADRA Romania, following the request of the “Western Bucovina Conference” organization based in Chernivtsi. Tens of thousands of donated supplies, including hygiene products, food, clothing, detergent, first aid products, medicines and food supplements, with a value of nearly $40,000 were received. They were transported to Ukraine on March 13th with the help of 34 ADRA Romania volunteers, to help Ukrainian refugees housed both in the centers in Chernivtsi district and in the Kiev area. The 11th ADRA Romania Humanitarian Convocation, “Hope for Ukraine,” held in Bukovina, included the presence of ADRA International, ADRA Bulgaria, ADRA Hungary and ADRA Ukraine teams, with all members arriving safely at home afterwards.

ADRA and the Adventist Church in Europe have expressed their profound concern for the people affected by the armed conflict in Ukraine. These are circumstances where the Adventist Church’s mission invites an immediate and focused response. ADRA Europe’s constituents, supported by their respective national authorities, charitable agencies, churches and individual donors, were deeply moved by the flight of fear-filled people. The Adventist Church in Europe will continue to respond to the needs of displaced people.

More than 200 cyclists rode more than 24 miles throughout Bogotá, Colombia capital city, to launch the start of dozens of initiatives and activities. The objective was to celebrate 100 years since the Seventh-day Adventist Church was established there and also to begin the commemoration of the establishment of the Inter-American Division. Children, young people, and adults pedaled across the main streets and avenues of Bogotá to promote healthy living to onlookers and business owners.

Hundreds of students at the British Virgin Islands Seventh-day Adventist School in Tortola continue to contribute to the community and help find the school. Thanks to agricultural science courses that teach healthy lifestyle choices and promote a sustainable way of life. Primary school-aged students are involved in planting vegetables while 8th to 12th graders are planting, studying and experimenting with a variety of seeds.

In commemoration of the International Women’s Day, Adventist volunteers carried out solidarity activities throughout the Brazilian state of Espírito Santo. The movement took place over a Sabbath through The Ação Mulher project. The Ação Mulher project aims to strengthen the role of women in front of spaces inside and outside the church through humanitarian initiatives.

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