Adventist Church and ADRA team up to fight COVID-19 outbreak; and other world news | Adventist news

15 May 2021
ANN brings you the latest events from the Adventist community:

Leaders of several Seventh-day Adventist organizations are joining forces to provide urgent assistance to India and Brazil. In a May 4 action, the Administrative Committee of the General Conference, better known as GC ADCOM, voted to release contingency funds and ramp up the coordination of efforts by various church organizations to assist those two pandemic-ravaged nations. The GC ADCOM reported that “Initial estimates in financial support, programming strengthening, and in-kind, totals about US $250,000.” Since the pandemic began, the ADRA COVID-19 response in India has totaled more than $1.2 million, with another 1 million expected in the coming weeks.

In the Solomon Islands, a young person from Kukum Seventh-day Adventist Church died on May 9 in a tragic bomb blast at Lengakiki Heights, West Honiara, when a 105-millimeter US projectile left from World War II exploded unexpectedly. Kukum youth leader Raziv Hilly, 29, died from injuries after being rushed to the National Referral Hospital. Two others remain in hospital in critical condition, and one sustained minor injuries.

In Chiapas, Mexico, more than 1.1 million samples of the missionary book of the year were distributed. The state-wide initiative led thousands of Seventh-day Adventists to share the book “Hope for Troubled Times” by Mark Finley with everyone in their communities.

In Cavite, Philippines, a deadly fire broke out in a residential area of Kawit that left approximately 80 percent of homes destroyed. According to an initial damage report submitted by a local Adventist Community services team of the Cavite Mission, more than 1,000 individuals from 511 families were affected, and 450 survivors had their homes devastated by the fire.

In Altamonte Springs, Florida, AdventHealth is expanding on a long-standing alliance with Disney to become the Official Health Care Provider at Walt Disney World Resort. Both organizations share a commitment to bringing innovation and inspiration to the Central Florida community.

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