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21 Nov 2020
We bring you the latest Adventist worldwide news:

Still recovering from the onslaughts of three typhoons, another strong storm devastated the Philippines. Typhoon Vamco left ruins in the northern and eastern parts of the country. The Adventist Development and Relief Agency continues to respond to the needs of the affected victims. To extend help thru ADRA, click here:

Recovering Adventist Families in Nicaragua Braces for Another Hurricane

Hurricane Eta, a Category 4 storm, swept and flooded Nicaragua, forcing evacuation among its residents. More than 400 displaced persons sought refuge in the Adventist school in Puerto Cabezas. The local Adventist churches continue to help in the relief drive. However, the country is facing another threat from a Category 5 storm, Hurricane Iota. Let us pray for deliverance for the region.

Adventist Youth and ADRA Aid Landslide Victims in El Salvador

Due to torrential rains, mudslides ravaged Nejapa, El Salvador, leaving many people homeless and helpless. The Adventist young people immediately responded by activating the local Pathfinder clubs to collect essential relief goods for the affected families. The youth also assisted the efforts of ADRA in distributing relief packs to the community. Watch and catch the contagious helpful enthusiasm of these young people.

Media Evangelism Results in 34,000 Baptisms in ECD

With the theme “More Than Conquerors,” the media evangelistic campaign in the English-speaking countries of the East-Central African Division of the Seventh-day Adventists proved successful. More than 34,000 people were baptized. ECD Executive Secretary Alain Coralie and his wife Caroline served as the speakers of the said event. Tune in and hear how God has worked to make the project possible despite the challenges.

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