Feb. 23, 2024: Adventist World Radio Reaches Remote Regions of Lesotho; and Other World News

24 Feb 2024

On this episode of ANN International: Adventist World Radio will reach the remote regions of Lesotho in Africa, where radio, television, and social media platforms are the only means to bring the gospel to these communities.

A camp for the deaf in Ghana emphasizes the inclusion and spiritual growth of the deaf community.

A woman dedicates herself to literature evangelism through the Publishing Ministry, selling 15,000 books and leading 75 people to baptism in Peru.

Also, a poignant celebration marks the centenary of Pastor George Brown, the former president of the Adventist Church headquarters in the Inter-American region. He was also honored for his 41 years of dedicated ministerial service.

Stay tuned as ANN brings you these captivating stories and provides coverage of other global news. For a deeper dive into these headlines and more, visit adventist.news.

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