Women’s Ministries Introduced in the Jungles.

13 Sep 2021

The only easy access to this village is by small airplane. Otherwise, a 3-day journey through rugged terrains awaits you. But despite the remoteness of this area, the women of Barai, Boto, Onohuro, Dorobisoro and Mimai villages were very much eager to learn the function of Women’s Ministries for the first time. Central Papua Conference’s (CPC) Women’s Ministries (WM) Director Min. Julian Lava was in the area for 2 weeks from 30th August to 13th September 2021.

She was accompanying CPC’s Stewardship Director Pr. Wally Kapi the speaker of the one-week district camp meeting at Dorobisoro.

During the one-week program, Min. Lava would organize small gatherings daily with the women in the area and would give them firsthand information on the function of Women’s Ministries in the church. She gave several handbooks regarding Women’s Ministries to the ones who can read as many of the ladies in the area were illiterate. Also, attending those smaller meetings were several United Church goers.  
Min. Lava encouraged them to pray more often as this will help them in their spiritual life.

During the night the WM director would hold prayer bands or prayer warriors meeting with the women (pictured above) where they would pray for the speaker, the program and their personal requests. During one of the nights while Pr. Kapi was on stage preaching, the prayer warriors prayed for the Holy Spirit to speak to the listeners’ hearts for them to give their lives to God. Amazingly, while Pr. Kapi was preaching, crowds began to stand up and walk to the front one by one to surrender their lives to the Lord.

Pr. Kapi was dumbfounded as he wasn’t making any appeal that night.

Min. Lava later revealed to him that she and her women folks have prayed for such to happen.

After seeing with their own eyes the work of the Holy Spirit the women’s faith in God grew stronger. They came to the WM director bringing their sick children to pray for.

The Women’s Ministries has planted its seeds in this area. Women are now visiting their fellow women folks to encourage each other’s faith in the Lord.

Before departing to Port Moresby, Min. Lava encouraged the ladies to stand firm in their faith and to help advance the gospel of Jesus to the unreached territories before His soon return.

McValen Kaminiel