Fiji Witnesses 938 Baptisms Into the Adventist Church in July; and other world news

27 Aug 2022

ANN this week:

Since the beginning of this year, Fiji has witnessed close to 1,500 baptisms, with over 900 of them occurring in July alone. Impacted by the Sabbath truth, these baptisms add to the overall Adventist population in Fiji, which is currently approximately 3% of the country’s population.

Scottish Mission Women’s Ministries retreat was recently held at Stirling University in Scotland. Focused on the story of Esther, the weekend was filled with spiritual rejuvination, music, and self-care, emphasizing the value and significance of a personal relationship with God.

A community in central Florida gains better access to fresh produce through AdventHealth’s innovative “freight farm” which seeks to prioritize nutrition and sustainability. The project allows a variety of crops to grow in a small space, allowing many to benefit from the harvest.

The Adventist church and ADRA have been active supports for refugees from Ukraine since the war began providing food, shelter, water, and more. Many refugees share how the church has been Jesus’ hands and feet during difficult times.