ADRA Receives and Distributes Aid to the Ukrainian People; and other world news

02 Apr 2022

The Adventist Development and Relief Agency has a warehouse for receiving and distributing aid to the Ukrainian people.

According to the United Nations, millions of people, mainly women, and children, have already fled Ukraine because of the conflict that began February 24th. Millions of people in eastern Ukraine are currently dependent on humanitarian aid. The current escalation has led to a mass migration towards the neighboring countries of Poland, Slovakia, Romania, Hungary, and Moldova. Producer and Documentary Filmmaker for Hope Channel International to produce a mini-series focusing on stories of people leaving Ukraine. This series is now a part of the global Hope Channel and ADRA Campaign called “HOPE FOR UKRAINE”.

In Kyiv, volunteers of the Hope for Ukraine project organized a shelter in one of the capital’s Seventh-day Adventist churches. The shelter is located in two underground rooms of the church. Some fifty people take refuge in this church every day. Volunteers also visit the most vulnerable peopl—the elderly the lonely and migrants and help them with specific health needs.

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