Special GC Session Delegates Vote to Amend the Constitution; and other world news

22 Jan 2022

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On January 18, 2022, delegates to a Special General Conference Session voted to allow the inclusion of a new section to the GC Constitution that would enable delegates to participate digitally in a future GC Session. Due to current travel restrictions, the delegates for the special January 18 Session were chosen using primarily individuals who currently work at the GC headquarters in Silver Spring.

Adventists across the South Pacific are anxiously awaiting news of family and friends following the eruption of a huge underwater volcano near Tonga on Saturday. Communication with Tonga remains limited due to damage caused to the main undersea communication cable.

The Adventist Possibilities Ministries of Eastern Nigeria Union Conference (ENUC) presented sets of braille Bible to blind students as a mission to the visually challenged. According to Solomon Nwaejike, director of Possibility Ministries for ENUC, the braille Bible will give the visually impaired a sense of belonging in worship and mission.

Adventist Church in Ghana has submitted a memorandum to the Parliament of Ghana calling for an amendment to the date of General elections. Elections are held on the constitutionally mandated date of December 7 every four years. In 1996, the date fell on a Saturday, which Seventh-day Adventists recognize as the Sabbath. This disenfranchised many Adventists who chose not to go to the polls. The 2024 elections will also fall on a Saturday, and church leaders are petitioning Parliament to consider an amendment based on grounds of religious liberty.

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