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19 Jun 2021
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In Fiji, leaders are requesting prayers after the Fiji Court of Appeals overturned a previous High Court ruling. The ruling stated that the appointment of state-funded teachers in any school established by a faith-based organization must be approved by the faith-based organization. The Fiji Mission Executive Committee held an emergency meeting on June 8 to discuss the next steps in the long-running legal case centered around the Vatuvonu Seventh-day Adventist College.

In the North Caribbean, Adventist children recently participated in the World Day of Prayer for Children at Risk. The May 22 event placed special emphasis on praying for the children of St. Vincent, whose lives were recently impacted by the eruption of the La Soufrière volcano in April.

Researchers have identified a molecule they say can counteract a protein that makes Human Papillomavirus (HPV) challenging to eliminate. HPV is a virus capable of causing cancer. The researchers, including team members from Loma Linda University and the University of Kansas, pinpointed the GaOH molecule as a strong contender to counter E6. This protein behaves like a bodyguard for HPV. The researchers are hopeful that their findings, followed by the next steps of continued research and clinical trials, will contribute to developing a targeted therapy for patients that promotes good survival but with less toxic side effects.

During a recent episode of ANN In Depth, Jennifer Stymiest spoke with Health Ministries director Peter Landless and Health Ministries associate director Torben Bergland about what we should expect as we venture back into the world. Watch ANN In Depth each week on the Adventist Church’s YouTube channel:

In Mexico City, Adventists are trying to reach the large Jewish population in the city. To reach their needs, they are working in one of the areas in the country with the largest Jewish populations to build a Jewish-Adventist Cultural Center. Watch more mission stories online by visiting Adventist Mission.

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