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26 Jun 2021
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The Harbor of Hope Adventist Church in Benton Harbor, Michigan recently held The Final Play, an event that brought families together to set the tone for a positive, productive, and peaceful summer in the city on June 10-13. The four-day event had several components, including exhibit booths, giveaways, community service, food vendors, a talent show, and community grants. In addition, representatives from more than 20 organizations shared information on health and wellness, financial literacy, education, and other topics with attendees.

In Ghana, the Seventh-day Adventist Church joined the national government’s “Green Ghana Project” tree-planting drive on June 11. The initiative aims to plant 5 million trees in a single day. Local Adventist leaders project that their members, institutions, administrative offices, schools, and hospitals will grow 1 million out of the 5 million trees.

Instituto Água Viva, in partnership with the Adventist Development and Relief Agency in Brazil, set up a small medical center with dental, clinical, psychological, and psychiatric care, all free for low-income people. The clinic saw ten patients a day to avoid contamination by COVID-19. Due to the lack of easily accessible dental care, tooth decay and other oral problems have been growing in large, needy communities.

An MRI Tech at AdventHealth Orlando was reunited with his son, who currently serves in the United States Air Force. The son surprised his father with the help of the AdventHealth Orlando Imaging director to make this reunion happen.

Adventist Mission shared a piece of exciting news about the Adventist University of Venezuela’s growth. In 2016, the Adventist University of Venezuela opened a center of influence for students to learn English, Portuguese and French. Since then, the center has evolved and now opens its door to the entire community—reaching people who have never heard the Adventist message.

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