Special Report of Adventist Global Humanitarian Efforts; and other world news | Adventist news

26 Dec 2020

“Life’s most persistent and urgent question is: What are you doing for others?”

Martin Luther King hit it right. What do we do for others, especially at this time of health crisis? This week’s episode is special. We bring you hope through some ministries and programs around the world that help those in need during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Let’s hear and watch inspiring reports from the:
Adventist Development and Relief Agency - an untiring group that has been providing immediate assistance to victims of disasters and long-term projects to needy communities;
Impact Hope - a foundation focused on helping Rwanda refugees get an education; and
Maranatha Volunteers - a group of volunteers that builds schools, wells, and churches.

How about you, what are you doing for others?

Together, let’s watch this special coverage. Be inspired. Be blessed. Get involved now! Visit News (adventist.news).

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