Highest Court in Brazil Rules In Favor of Sabbath-keeping Public Employees | Adventist news

05 Dec 2020

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Brazil’s Supreme Federal Tribunal granted additional protections for Sabbath-keeping public employees in the country. The nation’s highest judicial body with its 11 justices decided over the appeals of two Seventh-day Adventists, Margarete da Silva Mateus Furquim and Geismario Silva dos Santos, whose cases were related to keeping the Sabbath (Saturday) as a holy day. The decision will now become the governing decisions for future cases in lower courts throughout the nation.

Adventist Church and ADRA Help Devastated Colombian Islands

After Category 5 Hurricane Iota ravaged the Colombian islands of Providencia and San Andres, the local Adventist church and the Adventist Development and Relief Agency quickly helped clear roads and assisted displaced families. They distributed humanitarian aids like hygiene kits, portable gas stoves, Bibles, and hymnals. If you feel moved to assist financially, please visit ADRA | Adventist Development and Relief Agency International.

Digital Evangelism Efforts Result to 5,836 Baptisms in Mexico

As a result of four online evangelism campaigns in the Inter-Oceanic Mexican region, more than 5,800 people have been baptized during this pandemic period (from April to early November). The Adventist Churches in the region may have been forced to close their doors given the health crisis, but they were challenged to reach people. Using social media platforms proved effective in sharing their campaigns about hope amid crisis, Daniel and Revelation prophecies, health and well-being, and John 3:16 message.

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