15 Volunteer Missionaries To Enter Unreached Areas Of Goilala

29 Sep 2021

Firts 15 Volunteer Missionaries Sent Out To Unreached Areas of Goilala

Goilala is one of the new work areas in the Central Papua Conference (CPC) of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Papua New Guinea. The area is dominated by the Catholic church for many many years. The physical geography of the area poses a very challenging environment for foreign missionaries to enter, travel and work. Rugged terrains are the main feature of this rural part of the country.

A CPC team recently visited the area and was in awe to witness the eagerness of the local people to know the bible truth.

CPC General Secretary, Pr. Rex Koi led a team of 6 pastors to Tapini station, Goilala, Central Province, on Friday 24th September to conduct a first ever Adventist baptism, church and pastor’s house dedication in the area. With him were CPC’s Adventist Youth Ministries (AYM) Director Pr. Mathew Walter, Personal Ministries and Sabbath School (PMSS) Director Pr. Andrew Anis, Efogi District Director Pr. Oscar Munele, Cape Rodney District Director Min. Moses Yobuna and Bisiatabu District Director Pr. Jack Tale.

Eighteen people got baptized on Sabbath 25th September at Tapini station, the first ever conducted by the Adventist church in the area. Tears of joy were shared among the locals as they witnessed the first 18 newly-baptized members being welcomed into the Adventists family.

The program continued on Sunday with the dedication of the first Adventist church and the opening of the pastor’s house. It was a milestone achievement of the conference as a whole to finally have an Adventist base at Tapini.

The baptism was the result of the work of the 15 volunteer missionaries and a two weeks evangelistic meeting conducted by a lay preacher Francis Tokai.

After the baptism, church and pastor’s house dedication, the 15 volunteer missionaries were commissioned to take the gospel of Jesus to the un-entered places in the Goilala area. Six strategical locations were selected as gospel fields. The missionaries were assigned to these locations to work in threes and pairs. Most of these missionaries were young as 18 years of age. Pr. Koi encouraged and advised them on challenges they will face at the gospel front.

The General Secretary shared the vision of the conference saying the gospel will be spread from Tapinin to other parts of Goilala and to have Adventist churches establish therein.

McValen Kaminiel