“Review of 2020: What did Seventh-day Adventists Do To Help the World?” | Adventist news

02 Jan 2021

Hello, 2021! What have you got for us?

After all the austerity we experienced last year due to the COVID-19 crisis, we look forward to a brighter new year.

As we bid goodbye to the year 2020, we reflect back on some ways how Seventh-day Adventists imparted relief and hope during those challenging moments. There is no reason to stop sharing the faith, hope, love, and healing of Jesus to others.

One of the most effective ways to reach out at a time of crisis is through digital evangelism. Every Friday, Elder Ted Wilson would share a special message to the Adventist church. He has highlighted the significance of family, Creation Sabbath, and many other timely topics. Whilst on Thursdays, ANN InDepth shares discussions with experts about issues impacting the church. The relevant topics include health, prayer, and leadership. Watch these online outreaches at https://www.youtube.com/user/Adventistsaboutlife.

Meanwhile, here are some events that we’ll look forward to:

This new year, we’ll start with Ten Days of Prayer with the theme, “Seeking Revival”. It will begin on January 6. Members are encouraged to focus on the relevance of experiencing a personal revival and the joy of complete surrender to God. For more information, visit https://tendaysofprayer.org/.

We also look forward to the 2021 General Conference Session, which will be held in Indiana on May 20-25, 2021. Health protocols will be emphasized for participants. For other Adventist events and special days, please check https://gc.adventist.org/events/special-days/.

We’d also like to start 2021 with a merry heart, and we’d like to share some laughs, light moments, and special features with you. You can find more of these at News (adventist.news).

As we reflect back on the past year and look forward to this new year, may we continue asking the Lord for avenues to serve Him.

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