The Voice of Youth EXPAND 2022 Sends 819 Teams for Community Outreach; and other world news

21 May 2022

This week in ANN

First in the news, Southern Asia Pacific Division’s Voice of Youth EXPAND, a church- based, all-year- round evangelistic effort sent almost 27,000 young people to reach out in their communities. As a result, this May, they were able to reap 7, 514 new souls and take them at the foot of the cross.

Liz Polanco, a pastor from Puerto Rico, was contacted by a member of a prayer group because of a dream. That dream became significant because it was a command to send Bibles to Ukraine so people can find hope amidst all the conflict.

Zenita started watching TV Novo Tempo or Hope Channel Brazil in 2015 and was impressed, but her husband, Edemar did not show the same interest. After many invitations, Edemar agreed to Bible classes and their whole family was changed.

In the city of Mafinga, in south Brazil, God used an avocado plantation to bless and promote development in the community.

As we are nearing the 61st Session of the General Conference of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, let us look back to the Fourth General Conference Session and the life of ministry of Clayton Ralph Potts. He became a missionary together with his wife to Peru and after his wife’s death, went to the Philippines.